What Careers Accept Tattoos?

There aren’t many companies these days that allow visible tattoos within the workplace. But, it seems millions of people have tattoos. Tattoos aren’t a fad. They’ve been around for many years and throughout many cultures.

Many people in the IT/graphic design, marketing-type fields have tattoos, but that doesn’t mean that it is accepted by management or company policy.

Before showing your tattoos at work, make sure to read through the company policy and read your boss to see if your leadership approves.

There are a few careers where tattoos and body art may not be questioned.

* Various Artistic Fields
* Bartender/Bar Staff
* Construction/Contractor
* Cook/Chef
* Commercial Driver – Transportation/Delivery
* Waste Management/Removal
* Hair Salon/Spa Staff

Major Fashion No-No’s for Men

Great video here on fashion rules that men should NEVER break under any circumstances.


Obama’s First Fashion Faux Pas

Obama 1990

Obama 1990

Barack Obama is widely praised for his fashion sense – his effortless ease at finding the right fabrics and making sure his pant legs hang low enough.

The above image, from If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, shows a young Obama, relaxed in casual gear, but still bright-eyed and ambitious, posing in front of those solemn law volumes.

It seems only natural, then, that Obama-as-President would continue to receive praise from fashionistas and sartorialists alike.

Well, no – our collective magnifying glass culture loves to find people at the top, then knock them down for being ‘not-quite-perfect’.

In this case, there’s some minor issue over Obama’s choice of dress for the Inauguration ball, where he arrived, dressed in white tie.

Here’s the photo:


This is from Luxist.com, where they disapprove of Obama wearing white tie with a notched lapel dinner jacket.

“In Dressing the Man, Flusser writes, “The whole idea of a formal suit [i.e. tuxedo] is to distinguish itself from the notch-lapel business suit, not replicate it.” Flusser declares that a dinner jacket with notched lapels is nothing short of a “sartorial oxymoron, convoluting both the form’s aesthetic logic and its promise of timeless elegance.” A proper dinner jacket should have peaked lapels, or, for slightly less formal occasions, a shawl collar. As for the white bow tie, that should only ever be worn with tails – hence the classic “white tie and tails” – and should never be satin.”

That’s right, President Obama…. your bowtie should never be satin.

Harrumph. Pshaw!

Anyway, it’s a trifling matter, for now, as heaps of fashion advisers are likely to throw their advice his way, and, hopefully, Obama will take the humble route and learn from it all…. before he ends up looking disheveled next to another world leader – like Bush when he met French president Sarkozy!

The Lighter Side of Men’s Fashion

Hilarious video that reminds us not to take things too seriously.


Keeping Trim


We all know that the clothes make the man, but what kind of body are you putting those clothes on? Sure, there are tricks you can use to hide your flabby physique, but there’s no substitute for having a fit body.

Not everyone can be good-looking like a model, but anyone can look good. Here are a few tips to keep you looking fit:

Exercise: For God’s sake, get some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. As they say, “sitting is the new smoking.”

Even just taking a 30 minute walk every day will work wonders on your health if you normally have a sedentary lifestyle. So get out there and get moving!

Eat right: “You are what you eat” isn’t just a meaningless expression, it is a downright universal law of nature. Garbage in, garbage out, as another saying goes.

Make a permanent lifestyle change when it comes to the foods you eat. Cut out the crap and start eating as clean as possible.

I recommend something along the lines of the Paleo Diet. It’s based on evolutionary biology and not only will you look great on it, you’ll feel great as well.

Take supplements: These days, there’s a whole slew of nutritional solutions to help your trim physique, like fat-burning supplements for men (my favorite being Instant Knockout). These products can really give your weight loss goals a boost and help speed up your progress to looking svelt.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve let yourself go or are already fit and want to stay that way, sooner or later you’re going to have to take these steps in order to have a leaner, healthier-looking body. And if you’ve got a killer physique, you can just about look good wearing almost anything, and that’s half the battle.